Working and Growing Together

Working and Growing Together

We know that graduating in RTT® is an exciting time as you are now ready to put everything you’ve learned into practice and start taking on paying clients.

We also understand that you might feel a little overwhelmed, given all the decisions you need to make and the questions you’re likely to have.

That’s why we created RTT® Premium - a community of like-minded people and a place to share experiences, learn from others and find all the support you need.

Not only will you find guidance on how to set up and market your practice, but also a range of resources to ensure you stay up to date with new techniques and training methods.

Joining RTT® Premium also gives you exclusive access to our RTT® Alumni Facebook group, where our graduates share their experiences and ask questions.

Marisa is keenly involved in this group and often answers questions raised here.

You’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including:

Find out more by downloading a copy of the RTT® Premium brochure.

Find out why Marisa created RTT® Premium and how it can help kick-start your new career.

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We’re offering 12 months for the price of 11 to anyone signing up for a year’s membership - that equates to less than US$30 a month!

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At the end of your subscription period, you can choose to renew RTT® Premium, or it will be automatically canceled. Any questions - please email

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